About Me

My Approach

In 2007 I started practicing real estate on a lark as I waited to hear back from a graduate program. Almost immediately I could tell that it was a perfect fit and love it more all the time. I had been hesitant to become a realtor because I thought of Realtors as sales driven and that didn’t fit my natural interests. To my relief I have discovered there is another way to practice real estate. Over the years I’ve found that representation requires the following qualities that I seek to embody in my client interactions:

  • Be an Advocate – It is important that a realtor always push for the best interest of the clients
  • Provide Expertise – It is important that a realtor demonstrate active knowledge of houses, neighborhoods, the process, and the market
  • Don’t Force It – It is important that a buyer not feel pressured into buying a home or a seller into selling
  • Listen and Understand – It is important that a realtor take time to thoroughly understand the needs/wants of their clients.
  • Be Responsive – It is important that a realtor be responsive to email/text/phone contact in a timely manner.
  • Keep Clients Informed – It is important that a realtor keep their clients informed of the steps and stages throughout the buying or selling process
  • Simplify Client Responsibilities – It is important that a realtor manage tasks such that the buyer or sellers are not overwhelmed by the process

My Story

After graduating Davidson  I moved to Washington, DC where I worked in the non-profit sector and in the White House. My time there solidified my desire to help and advocate for people and I am thankful to have found that outlet through real estate. I have lived in downtown Durham since 2008. I love yoga, running, reading, chocolate and knitting. We love Durham and all it has to offer from DPAC to the Eno, not to mention the amazing restaurants.

When I started Real Estate I decided to become the “Red Bag Realtor” as a way to distinguish myself in a large company. When we started Urban Durham Realty in 2009 my role in my new company soon overshadowed my identity as the Red Bag Realtor. But to eliminate any confusion: the Red Bag Realtor now works at Urban Durham Realty.

My Firm

Urban Durham is an incredible firm which I was proud to help start with two other women. We have been thrilled by the ways that the Durham community has embraced us. Our mission statement is below.

Durham is a great place to live. We believe this so passionately that we started Urban Durham Realty, a full-service real estate company with a focus on the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods throughout Durham.

So, what is “urban” anyway? To us, the term “urban” is less about location and more about lifestyle. To us, an urban lifestyle is about:

  • Connecting with the people in your neighborhood
  • Engaging in the needs of your community
  • Living close to amenities such as schools, parks, and stores
  • Supporting a healthy environment by promoting “walkability”

But our business is about more than selling real estate. At Urban Durham Realty,

  • We are committed to staying informed about issues that impact Durham
  • We are committed to giving back to the community by donating a portion of each transaction to a local charity
  • We are committed to supporting Durham businesses and keeping our resources local
  • We are committed to increasing our awareness of “green” opportunities and decreasing our impact on the planet

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